Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The cage itself is a seatbelt.

She even breathes tiny.
Her body seems to have swallowed lightening and thunder,
Rippling through her plateaus and undulous hills
Heavy sighs to fill her once massive, and gracious, (but now smaller, and more comfortable) home.
I see her every day. Laughing and singing; the electricity seeping through her, its as if she was made to glow.
She used to see him every where.
Call out to him until his face wasn’t really his anymore. Almost blurry, like the cloud it should have been when he decided to delete her face from his memory. All those years ago.
She used to cry for him, even when he was mean to her, or threw her things across the room, or made comments that drover her up the wall with desire. Leaving her there, empty. Ridiculed and lame. Dazed and confused.
She used to.
Her hair doesn’t dance in the wind for him anymore; no it cuts the air in fury, she walks like fire.
Her hips won’t swing to catch his eyes; undoubtedly they might never have.
Her quips won’t be wasted upon the lesser grateful living, nor will he get to hear her voice. Ever again. He has thrown away any such right.
Because, she has a sweet voice, you see?
Every ounce of her soul pours into it, she feels God in every vibrating note. and she aims to bring His joy to the world for all those who will take time to listen.
Low and soft,’
Deep and sultry.
She was made to heal.
She was sick, but now she thrives.
Where there was once ash, gardens will grow. You hold no power over her anymore.
She was sick but now she shines. Her fingertips hum with an energy for life. Unstoppable, because she knows with every fiber of her being that she is every bit as lovable as any one else on earth.
Some days are harder than others, but take heart.
A Queen conquers.
And when one does, everyone knows to bow. Head to ground.

I would love to speak to her one day.

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