Saturday, May 24, 2014


Sometimes I still think you're singing to me
Brass knuckles inching closer to your face
I really love telling you I told you so
Well what did you think was gonna happen sweet girl?
Your ending isn't happy and your mouth is filled with shaking teeth
Spit them out.
Spit them out.
One by one
covered in the strawberries you stole from hungry mouths.
But I haven't learned my lesson either,
people don't take bloated hearts seriously
I'll swoop in again and save you,
even if it means drowning in bruises.
I was supposed to be something by now. I was supposed to be onto bigger and better things by now. I was supposed to have a quirky, and eccentric yet meaningful quote on my cap that inspired others on my heels.
 But no.
Now I am angry.
and Jealous.
and Petty.
Bitter and riddled with disease.
I can't even show my thighs anymore.

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