Monday, April 28, 2014

Ramble Bramble

I don't belong to anyone. You are not and NEVER were entitled to me, and if I could see you now I would tell you (finally now after all these years) that I honestly hate you for what you've done to me. You, whose ego could choke a horse. Who were broken before you were born. You, who thought the heart could be chained and poked and prodded at. Foul loathsome human being with a mouth that spilled horrible, horrible offal at me! You who protected me, and FROM WHAT? Let every bone in my body break and jut out to carve into the Earth that I was wrong, and hating you is the only way to freedom. And I am sorry that I love the idea that was you and God give me the strength to brake the nasty fetid rope that has rubbed my wrists raw from the memory of your eyes, and hands, and most of all you.

Hating you will be loads easier than missing you. Anything to make it hurt less.
Call me petty, but what do you all care? 

I take comfort in lying on stone.
Closure has never been so close.
Thank you.

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